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Few-shot learning in practice with GPT-Neo

June 05, 20216 min read

The latest developments in NLP show that you can overcome this limitation by providing a few examples at inference time with a large language model - a technique known as Few-Shot Learning. In this blog post, we'll explain what Few-Shot Learning is, and explore how a large language model called GPT-Neo.

Distributed Training: Train BART/T5 for Summarization using 馃 Transformers and Amazon SageMaker

April 09, 202110 min read

Learn how to train distributed models for summarization using Hugging Face Transformers and Amazon SageMaker and upload them afterwards to

Multilingual Serverless XLM RoBERTa with HuggingFace, AWS Lambda

December 17, 202013 min read

Learn how to build a Multilingual Serverless BERT Question Answering API with a model size of more than 2GB and then testing it in German and France.

Serverless BERT with HuggingFace, AWS Lambda, and Docker

December 06, 202013 min read

Learn how to use the newest cutting edge computing power of AWS with the benefits of serverless architectures to leverage Google's "State-of-the-Art" NLP Model.

AWS Lambda with custom docker images as runtime

December 02, 20208 min read

Learn how to build and deploy an AWS Lambda function with a custom python docker container as runtime with the use of Amazon ECR.

New Serverless Bert with Huggingface, AWS Lambda, and AWS EFS

November 15, 202015 min read

Build a serverless Question-Answering API using the Serverless Framework, AWS Lambda, AWS EFS, efsync, Terraform, the transformers Library from HuggingFace, and a `mobileBert` model from Google fine-tuned on SQuADv2.

efsync my first open-source MLOps toolkit

November 04, 20207 min read

efsync is a CLI/SDK tool, which syncs files from S3 or local filesystem automatically to AWS EFS and enables you to install dependencies with the AWS Lambda runtime directly into your EFS filesystem.

My path to become a certified solution architect

October 24, 20204 min read

This is the Story of how I became a certified solution architect within 28 hours of preparation.

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