Here's an overview of some of my last open-source projects I've worked on.

Deep Learning with PyTorch and Hugging Face


Tutorials for getting started with Deep Learning Pytorch and Hugging Face libraries like transformers, datasets.



Clipper is a Node.js command line tool that allows you to easily clip content from web pages and convert it...



🤗 TRL is a full stack library to train LLMs with Reinforcement Learning, from the Supervised Fine-tuning step (SFT)



EasyLLM is an open source project that provides helpful tools and methods for working with large language models (LLMs), both...

Hugging Face LLM Inference Container

Technical/Engineering Lead

Hugging Face LLM DLC is a new purpose-built Inference Container to easily deploy LLMs in a secure and managed environment.

IGEL - First German LLM Early 2023


IGEL (Instruction-based German Language Model) is an LLM designed for German language understanding tasks, including sentiment analysis, language translation, and...

🤗 Inference Endpoints

Creator & Technical Lead

🤗 Inference Endpoints is a secure production solution to easily deploy ML models on dedicated, secure & scalable infrastructure.

Hugging Face Endpoints on Azure

Technical Lead

Hugging Face Endpoints, a new Machine Learning (ML) inference service powered by Azure ML Managed Endpoints. Hugging Face Endpoints let...

🤗 Transformers


🤗 Transformers provides thousands of pretrained transformer models to perform tasks on text, vision and speech.

🤗 Optimum


🤗 Optimum is an extension of Hugging Face Transformers to achieve maximum efficiency to train and run models on accelerated...

SageMaker Hugging Face Inference Toolkit


SageMaker Hugging Face Inference Toolkit is an open-source library for serving 🤗 Transformers models on Amazon SageMaker.

Hugging Face Infinity (RIP)

Technical Lead

A containerized solution to deploy fully optimized inference pipelines for State of the Art Transformer models into your own production...

🤗 Datasets


🤗 Datasets is a library for easily accessing and sharing datasets, and evaluation metrics for Natural Language Processing (NLP), computer...

AWS Deep Learning Container

HF Contributor

AWS Deep Learning Containers (DLCs) are a set of Docker images for training and serving models in Hugging Face Transformers,...

Transformers Notebook


A collection of Jupyter Notebooks guiding, showcasing, and helping you get started with Hugging Face Transformers on Amazon SageMaker including...