Hello, my name is Philipp. I am 27 years old living in Nuremberg, Germany.

Currently I am working as a Technical Lead at Hugging Face to democratize artificial intelligence through open source and open science.

I am technically leading our collaboration and partnership with AWS and Azure and are the creator of inference endpoints, which grew from 0 to 1000+ customers in 4 months.

In the past I designed and implemented cloud-native machine learning architectures for fin-tech and insurance companies.

In June 2021 I became the first German AWS Machine Learning Hero.

I found my passion for cloud concepts and machine learning 7 years ago. Since then I never stopped learning. Currently, I am focusing myself in the area NLP and how to leverage models like BERT, Roberta and GPT2 to generate business value. I am currently focusing on the development and implementation of LLMs using RLHF for enterprise and business use cases.

I love to design solution oriented, scalable, efficient architectures to solve real business problems. I believe that machine learning can support any company in any area at any time.

I created this blog to share my knowledge and connect with people. Feel free to reach out to me on twitter or via email.


I believe that one should not have a fixed technology stack, but should always respond to the needs and problems of the customer. Below is just an excerpt and my favorite technologies in machine learning, cloud and non-ML frameworks.

πŸ€– Machine Learning
Huggingface Transformers, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow/Keras, Weights & Bias, Optuna, TensorRT, Triton, ONNX, DeepSpeed,

☁️ Cloud
AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes, Kubeflow, Docker, Terraform, Github Actions, CDK

πŸ—οΈ Non-ML Frameworks
Rust, React, Svelte, GraphQL, Next.js, TailwindCSS